It is very common for people who have gone through trial or who have been convicted of a crime to be unhappy with the way things turned out. Fortunately, a conviction in the trial court is not the end of the line for a criminal case. Under most circumstances you have an absolute right to appeal your conviction.

An appeal is not a do over of your case. Usually, no new evidence is presented to the appeals court and they will not decide whether you were guilty or not. Instead, appellate courts consider legal issues that arose in your case. In nearly every appeal, the court will consider whether the State presented enough evidence to validly convict the appellant at trial. The court will also decide any issue that your appellate lawyer raises for review. Issues that are not raised in an appeal are lost and therefore it is vitally important that you have an attorney who is well informed on everything that happened before the appeal in your case and who is also experienced at recognizing what potential errors occurred that might result in an overturning of your conviction.

The appellate process is complex and requires both skill and experience to navigate. With each successive appeal your avenues to overturn your convictions are narrowed. There are strict time limits that can affect or bar your case, so immediate action should be taken when an appeal is a possibility

Some of the common issues that are raised in appellate courts are whether sufficient evidence was introduced to convict you, whether the trial court made the proper rulings on motions and legal issues that were raised, whether the procedures used in trying your case met the legal standards required, and whether there was any misconduct or foul play involved that might have effected the outcome of your case.

We take pride in the advice and execution of appeals before the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, the Tennessee Supreme Court, Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.