Being charged with a crime threatens your freedom, family and future.

The State, with its multiple law enforcement agencies and powerful district attorneys, have tremendous resources that it can use to prosecute your case and try to convict you. The odds seem to be stacked against you from the start.  But there are time tested ways to beat the State at its own game.  An aggressive defense that investigates the facts, interviews witnesses, and that works entirely in your best interest can often result in dismissals, not guilty verdicts, or reduced charges.

Going into court unprepared and with hopes of negotiating a plea deal is the best way to assure a conviction. At the Barnes Law Firm every case is fully investigated, legal issues are litigated, and cases are prepared for trial. The Barnes Law Firm philosophy is that the best outcomes are reached only when the defense lawyer is fully prepared to test the State’s evidence at trial. Whether your case is one that should be tried, should be dismissed or diverted prior to trial, or one where some agreement can be reached is a decision that has to be made based on the facts of each case, but no matter the case, the only way to ensure the best result is through aggressive, prepared, and client focused representation. Thats what you will get if you choose the Barnes Law Firm.

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Your peace of mind, experience, and case result drive everything we do. Taking on a new case is a great responsibility and we treat it that way. We hope you will give us an opportunity to serve you or a loved one facing a criminal prosecution or DUI.