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Accidents Involving Big Rigs Require Experienced Legal Help

When large commercial trucks crash, the occupants in passenger sedans tend to suffer devastating injuries. At Barnes Law, we meet with men and women who are lucky to have survived a collision with a larger, heavier commercial truck. Some of our clients unfortunately have lost a loved one who could not survive the devastation. If you need legal assistance, please contact our Knoxville truck accident lawyer for a free consultation.

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When You Need a Lawyer

Truck accidents leave men and women with serious injuries, including fractures, back injuries, brain injuries, and spinal cord damage. Many of them are unable to work but hope for a settlement to cover their medical bills and lost wages.

Unfortunately, trucking companies and their insurers aggressively defend against these actions. They might minimize your pain or try to put some of the responsibility for the accident onto you. They might make a lowball initial offer that does not begin to cover the financial losses you have suffered, to say nothing of your pain and suffering.

If you are struggling with an insurer, contact a Knoxville truck accident lawyer immediately. We can spring into action to be your voice at the bargaining table with a trucking company or their insurer.

Determining Liability for the Truck Accident

Tennessee is a “fault” state when it comes to motor vehicle crashes, including truck accidents. In a fault state like ours, the person who is legally responsible for the accident pays compensation to injured victims. This is called liability and it can be hotly in dispute.

In many crashes, the truck driver is to blame because he made some critical error leading to a crash. For example, many truck accidents are caused by:

  • Fatigue. A driver might fall asleep at the wheel after driving for too long. Federal regulations limit the amount of time a trucker can drive, but some exceed these limits.
  • Distraction. A trucker could be distracted by a cell phone conversation or by eating or drinking behind the wheel.
  • Impairment. A trucker who is on stimulants, drugs, or alcohol could have impaired reflexes and make poor judgment.
  • Carelessness. A trucker might neglect to check his mirrors or make some other careless mistake that causes a wreck.
  • Impatience. Truckers operate on tight deadlines which causes them to take risks, including running red lights or driving too fast for conditions.
  • Recklessness. Some truckers take unnecessary risks to reach their destination, such as passing illegally or tailgating.
  • Confusion. Truckers might be unfamiliar with Knoxville and get lost or confused, going the wrong way for example.

In other accidents, someone other than the truck driver could be to blame, or they might share liability. For example, the company that loaded the cargo could have done a poor job, leading to instability and a rollover. A mechanic could have made faulty repairs, causing the truck to break down. Or the truck could have been defectively designed or manufactured.

Determining liability requires a full, 360-degree analysis of all relevant facts. Hire a lawyer to help while you recover from your injuries.


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How Truck Accidents Differ from Car Crashes

Accident victims need a lawyer with deep experience in truck accident cases. These are not like normal fender benders involving two passenger sedans. Instead, truck accidents present unique challenges that not all lawyers are prepared for.

For one, there are many possible entities that could be to blame. A thorough investigation is often necessary to identify all liable parties and add them to the lawsuit.

Evidence collection also differs. Modern trucks today have electronic “black boxes” which store critical information. An attorney must preserve this information before it is erased.

More money is often at stake in a truck accident, so insurers are typically aggressive. Negotiating a fair settlement to cover all losses is complicated, and no victim should try to tackle their own case alone.

Wrongful Death & Truck Accidents

Unfortunately, some victims succumb to their injuries, leaving behind grieving family members. In Tennessee, certain family members can bring a wrongful death lawsuit for compensation. This is a complex type of lawsuit to file, and we encourage family to meet with an experienced attorney.

Under the law, you might be entitled to compensation to cover burial and funeral expenses, along with the wages your loved one would have earned had they lived. Some clients also receive compensation for their mental suffering and the loss of a loved one’s love and companionship.

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Barnes Law has helped victims in the Knoxville area for years. If you would like to speak to an experienced truck accident lawyer in a confidential setting, contact us today.

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