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White collar crimes are typically nonviolent crimes involving money or property. Many white collar criminals are business executives or other professionals who have been accused of theft or other misconduct which has suddenly drawn the attention of the feds.

If the state has accused you of committing a white collar crime, you need to take the allegations very seriously. Although white collar crime might not get the attention that violent street crime does, prosecutors are very eager to throw executives into jail. Defendants face the prospect of long prison sentences as well as huge fines. Many will also lose their professional licenses and never be able to work in their chosen field again.

At Barnes Law, we aggressively defend all our clients, including those accused of white collar criminal activity. We understand how prosecutors think and are prepared to mount the best defense possible against the charges. Contact a Knoxville white collar criminal defense attorney today.


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We have represented clients in Knoxville and surrounding counties when they have been investigated for various white collar crimes, including:

  • Bribery
  • Fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Money laundering
  • Extortion
  • RICO crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • Obstruction of justice

Our clients have been investigated by both state and federal authorities, so we understand how invasive the investigatory process can be. Many of our clients try to continue their business or practice their profession while the investigations continue, and we can help advise our clients about the best path forward. Getting caught in the crosshairs of federal or state investigators is not only an emotional shock but can be a financial one as well.

Legal Guidance During an Investigation

One way to improve your defense is to make sure that you do not hand anything over to investigators that you do not need to. Federal and state prosecutors can be very aggressive in what they demand, often requesting mountains of paperwork or sensitive business communications. Without an attorney, you might feel pressure to open up your business records to investigators, which is often a mistake. We can fight off frivolous or overbroad attempts to obtain information from you.

We can also be by your side when you meet with investigators to give a statement. One favorite technique of prosecutors is to bring obstruction of justice charges for misstatements or inaccuracies in testimony, especially when they cannot get a suspect on the hook for a substantive offense. Our clients benefit enormously by having a seasoned advocate sitting beside them when interviewed by the authorities.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, then there is really no reason to delay contacting an attorney. The best defenses start early, even before the authorities make an arrest.


The evidence in white collar crimes is often conflicting and unclear. The line between innocent conduct and a federal crime is thinner than many people realize. Building a white collar crimes defense is not the same as defending someone accused of a street crime like DUI or drug possession, and you need a lawyer who understands the differences.

For example, alibi witnesses rarely play a role in white collar crimes. Instead, it is usually a given that our client occupied a certain role in a company and had the opportunity to commit the crime. What is at dispute in many cases is our client’s state of mind and whether they took certain actions with the intent to defraud or hinder someone.

Finding the right exculpatory evidence in white collar cases requires an attorney that understands this area of law inside and out. At Barnes Law, we can carefully analyze all pieces of evidence that the prosecutor intends to use and also find exculpatory evidence that shows your evidence. We will handle your confidential business information with tact so that nothing is inadvertently made public.

As experienced white collar defense lawyers, we can also identify the potential prejudices that jurors hold against high-powered executives and other professionals, and we can work to sidestep them inside the courtroom. Sometimes, a bench trial is preferable, or a plea bargain might be the best bet.

Because so much is at stake, you don’t want to leave anything to chance, so hire someone with sufficient white collar experience.


At Barnes Law, we understand the collateral consequences of a criminal investigation and/or conviction, especially for professionals who are duly licensed by the state. Some convictions can lead directly to a temporary or permanent loss of license, so any potential plea bargain must be scrutinized for its effect on your ability to practice your profession.

Our goal is to explore all possible resolutions to your case and carefully assess which ones will have the least effect on you over the coming decades. We can then explain the consequences to you in such a way that you can make informed choices about your defense.

Protecting Your Reputation

There are few things more important for professionals and executives than their reputation. Even an arrest for a white collar crime can severely undercut your standing in the community and hamstring your professional mobility.

At Barnes Law, we can begin going to work right away to try and keep charges from being filed in the first place. Prosecutors often overstate the strength of their case, which ends up being much weaker than even they imagined. We can pursue all avenues to make sure that charges are never filed against you in the first place.


A white collar criminal investigation is a serious setback for you and your loved ones. Make sure that you do everything possible to get a leg up on the prosecution. Please do not wait to reach out to an experienced Knoxville white collar criminal defense lawyer who has your back.

At Barnes Law, we treat all our clients with dignity and work to protect their presumption of innocence. We will handle your case with the sensitivity that it demands.

For more information, please reach out to us. You can call 865-234-3409 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.

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