Meet The Barnes Law Firm Team


The Barnes Law Firm was founded with you, our future client, as the focal point. That means the we work hard every day to deliver each client a high quality, personalized, and aggressive representation, to be available so that you can speak with your attorney directly about your case to get the information and advice you need in a timely manner, and to provide those things in an affordable way for individuals in Knox County and East Tennessee.

Your peace of mind, experience, and case result drive everything we do. You will never be intimidated or judged. We will do everything we can to make sure that you understand exactly what to expect and what we can do to get a good resolution to your situation. Our attorneys and staff treat everyone who walks through the door with the same kindness and respect that they would if it was a friend or family member.

To accomplish this, we take on a comparatively smaller number of cases so that you have the necessary access to your attorney. It also means we spend the time and money necessary to develop and improve upon the expertise required to make sure you get the best possible result in your case. Taking on a new case is a great responsibility and a great joy to Mr. Barnes and every employee of the Barnes Law Firm. We hope you will give us an opportunity to serve you or a loved one facing a criminal prosecution or hurt by someone else’s negligence.


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John Barnes, Attorney and Founder

John Barnes approaches every case that he takes on as if it is the most important of his career. That is because he knows that to the client who has entrusted their matter to him, it is the most important. For that reason, Mr. Barnes makes every effort to make sure that each client gets personalized attention that goes above and beyond what clients expect.


Ed Holt, Attorney

Ed brings a wealth of trial and serious criminal defense experience to the firm. As a former federal prosecutor and police officer, he has seen the criminal justice system from every angle and brings his knowledge of all aspects of the system to the clients he represents.


Brandon Fersten, Attorney

Brandon started with Barnes Law as a law clerk in 2017 and was hired on as an Attorney upon his graduation, magna cum laude, from the University of Tennessee College of Law.


Lauren Bledsoe, Office Manager

Lauren Bledsoe is Barnes Law Firm’s Office Manager, where she is responsible for oversight of administrative management for the office including human resources, finance, and client services. Lauren also serves as John Barnes and Ed Holt’s Legal Assistant. Whenever you call Barnes Law Firm, Lauren is the one who most likely answers your call to insure that your needs are being met. Additionally, Lauren is also Barnes Law Firm’s personal notary.


Attorney John Barnes in his office