$85,000 Premises Liability Settlement

Barnes Law Firm obtains $85,000 settlement resulting from a serious slip and fall injury at a local Sevier County restaurant.

On July 17, 2019, our client sustained a shoulder injury after falling on his left shoulder due to a slick oil-like substance covering the floor outside of the restroom at a Sevier County restaurant. Our client did not see anything on the floor and was in no way at fault for the incident. 

The manager of the restaurant spoke to our client and informed him that one of the employee’s mopped the floor where the grills were located, which uses a lot of oil to cook, then proceeded to use that same oil-covered mop to clean the floor where our client fell. Consequently, our client suffered serious injuries that resulted in medical bills, as well as pain and suffering. Our client could no longer perform household and domestic duties or enjoy hobbies that he previously enjoyed without suffering from a significant amount of pain. 

An owner and/or operator of a premise is liable for its negligence in allowing a dangerous condition to exist on its premises that result in an individual’s serious medical injuries. In our case, the restaurant, through its employee and/or agent, created the dangerous condition by using the oil-filled mop that he/she used to clean the kitchen area to also clean the floor near the restrooms. Yet, they had a duty as the owner of the premises to exercise reasonable care with regard to its business invitees on the premises, which it breached when it created the dangerously oil-covered floors and did not warn against the hidden dangerous condition on the premises. We established that the oil-glazed floor was the actual and proximate cause of our client slipping and falling that led to our client’s damages. 

The attorneys at Barnes Law demonstrated to the insurance company that represented the restaurant that they were clearly liable for our client’s significant injuries that resulted in a favorable settlement agreement in the amount of $85,000.