Stay Safe This Halloween Weekend! Don’T Drive Intoxicated!

Knoxville is a fun town with a lot going on this Halloween weekend.

With children out trick-or-treating and drivers behind the wheel, the police will be out in droves watching for impaired drivers.

It’s always a better bet to prepare ahead of time- better safe than sorry! You have a few options:

Have a designated driver!

Use a driving service. There are many options, two of which include Zingo and Uber.


Zingo is a local driver service that we found on the AAA website “Sober Ride”. We called and asked more about it and found out from Kathy that you may call (865) 776-3465 to schedule a ride in advance. They will meet you and drive in your car and have a “chase” car follow, that way if you’re out and need a ride home but would like your car home too, they can drive your vehicle for you. The cost for Zingo is based on mileage and is as follows: 0-10 miles, $45; 10-20 miles, $65 miles. They will also make stops for you, say if you need a bite before returning home, for an additional $5 per stop.


Many of you may already be familiar with or Uber at this point, as it has been in Knoxville for over a year. Uber is a transportation network that allows users to connect with drivers via their smartphone app.

Download the app and you can receive a driver to your exact location. You can check out their rates here.  We did and found that from Downtown Grill and Brewery to our office at 5401 Kingston Pike in Bearden (about 7 miles), the fare will run between $13 and $26. Not bad- and a heck of a lot cheaper than a DUI! Safer too!

The Barnes Law Firm, is dedicated to DUI defense, but of course we always promote safe driving! Have fun this weekend and stay safe, Knoxville!