Knox County Courts Closed For Weather – Update

UPDATE 2/18/15 @ 7:15 – Both Knox County General Sessions and all divisions of Criminal Court have announced they will be closed tomorrow, Thursday the 19th.  The policy on the General Sessions Court website, states those courts will be closed when Knox County Schools are closed for “road conditions due to snow and/or ice.”  While Knox County Schools have already announced they are closed Friday, I don’t know whether thats due to “road conditions” or due to the extreme cold temperatures.  For now, its too early to say General Sessions will be closed Friday. Stay tuned for further updates.

For the second day in a row, Knox County General Sessions Courts are closed.  The General Sessions Courts follow the Knox County Schools for weather related closings, but do not do weather delays.  So, in the future, if you see schools are closed, so are the General Sessions courts.  BUT, if schools are on a 2 hour delay, courts will open on time.

As of this morning the streets around downtown and main road were in good shape and easily drivable, but much of the county is still inaccessible.  I drove on Middlebrook, Sutherland, and Kingston Pike, all of which were easily drivable, though Sutherland was pretty white.  Dallas and I both made it into the office today, but Kendahl lives a little farther out and is still snowed in.

There is no word yet on court or school closings tomorrow, though with the low of -8 tonight and snow still coming down, I’m not betting on either being back up and running.  As long as its safe to be here though, the Barnes Law Firm will be open and serving clients.

Stay warm and safe.

– John