Uber Is Now In Knoxville!

Uber is a great car service that is not only easy to use and convenient, but could also reduce the number of Knoxville DUIs.  Thats because, with the Uber app on your phone, you can summon a comfortable ride to your exact location, see where your car is while its on its way there, and get dropped off, with much less time and hassle than with a cab company.  You don’t even have to have cash or a credit card.  Just save your card information in the app and when its time to get out, payment is automatic.  There is no financial transaction with the driver at all.

Here’s Uber’s announcement e-mail:

I’ve been a big fan of Uber since I first used it at a DUI conference in Denver, CO with a group of lawyers.  Instead of staying at the hotel or packing into taxis, our host got on his phone and in minutes a black suburban showed up ready to take us all to Elway’s Steakhouse, where no one had to worry about having a glass of wine or a couple of cocktails, because another Uber SUV was always going to be only a few minutes away.

Knoxville is a college town and its full of parties, bars,  get togethers, and opportunities to make a bad decision and drive from one place to another.  If Uber can catch on with the university crowd, it could really cut down on the number of drivers who shouldn’t be on the road on Friday and Saturday nights.  Not that DUIs are reserved for UT students.  Uber will have plenty of potential customers all over Knoxville.

Try out Uber this weekend, or if you don’t choose a designated driver or call a traditional cab service. The Barnes Law Firm is dedicated to DUI defense and serving those who have been wrongfully charged or just made a bad decision, but we still would far prefer if you all stay safe and don’t have to deal with a DUI, or worse, at all.

Have a great weekend.  Go Vols!