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At The Barnes Law Firm, our legal practice was founded to provide all of our clients with the high-quality, aggressive, and personalized legal representation that they deserve. John Barnes, and the attorneys at Barnes Law, have dedicated their legal careers to guiding people through their most difficult times. If you or your loved one was arrested in East Tennessee or if you or your loved one was injured in an accident, we are here to help. To schedule a free, fully private consultation with an experienced Knoxville DUI and criminal defense attorney or a top-rated Knoxville personal injury lawyer please do not hesitate to contact our law office today.

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Don’t take our word for it. Barnes Law is one of the best reviewed Law Firms in Knoxville on Google and Facebook because we take our commitment to Professional Client Service and Proven Results seriously.

Barnes Law has 10.0 rating on AVVO
Barnes Law was awarded top 40 under 40 on the National Trial Lawyers
Barnes Law was awarded lawyers of distinction
Barnes Law is a general member of National College of DUI Defense
On Super Lawyers Barnes Law was awarded Rising Star
Barnes Law - TDLC
Barnes Law is a member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
In 2019 Barnes Law was awarded top 3 DWI Lawyers in Knoxville
Barnes Law has a A plus rating on BBB


At Barnes Law, we are committed to providing our clients with an aggressive, effective legal representation. If you or your loved one was arrested for drunk driving or any other criminal offense in Tennessee, our legal team is here to help. You need to take immediate action to protect your rights.

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To schedule a free, fully confidential initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team at (865) 805-5703. From our law office in Knoxville, we serve communities throughout East Tennessee, including in Knox County, Sevier County, Blount County , Roane County, Loudon County, Anderson County, and Jefferson County.

Protecting Your Rights
Protecting Your Future

Imagine you are leaving a restaurant in Downtown Knoxville on a Friday night. You make a right turn at a red light, and suddenly — seemingly without warning — you see the flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror. In a matter of minutes, you have been asked to step out of the vehicle and a cop is placing a pair of handcuffs on you. Before you have had a chance to catch your breath and figure out what is going on, you are being hauled off to jail.

Being arrested is frightening, it is intimidating, and it is confusing. The consequences of a DUI conviction or any other criminal conviction can be life-changing. You will lose your clean record, money, reputation, job opportunities, and potentially even your freedom. During this challenging time, it is imperative that you have a top criminal defense lawyer by your side.

Do you know what to do?

Most arrests happen quickly, especially when the charges involve drunk driving, drug possession, theft, or assault. What you do in the minutes and hours after being arrested could change your life. You likely have questions racing through your head. What should I say to the police? Where am I being taken? How do I explain this to the family? How do I defend my case? Will this affect my career?

We have the answers. You need a strong, experienced Knoxville criminal defense lawyer by your side. The Barnes Law Firm is here to help. Many of our clients have never been arrested or represented by an attorney before. When you work with our legal team you can rest assured your case will be handled professionally. Knoxville defense lawyer John Barnes and his team have been there before.

Defending DUIs and Other Criminal Charges

One mistake should not ruin your life. False or trumped-up charges should not ruin your life. If you were arrested in Tennessee, you need professional legal representation. At Barnes Law, we have experience handling a wide range of criminal charges, including

drunk driving (DUI) charges

drug possession charges

Financial Crimes

theft/shoplifting charges

domestic violence charges

Federal Court Defense

Get Answers from a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer

When our legal team takes on a new case, we always make sure our clients understand their situation. Following an arrest, it is normal to be overwhelmed and scared. In defending the charges, our law firm will work to take that stress off of you. From the first meeting, we can explain to you exactly what will happen next and the precise steps our legal team will take to defend your case. 

When our clients walk out of our office, they consistently report feeling significantly better about their situation. We will give you the peace of mind you can only get from having a top lawyer by your side. Our legal team is always ready to fight aggressively to protect your rights. If the prosecution cannot meet its burden, our Knoxville defense lawyer is prepared to fight to get all charges dropped. In other cases, the best defense is to focus on reducing the penalties — ensuring that a felony convicted is avoided and that our clients stay out of jail.


In a matter of seconds, an accident can change everything. In your family’s time of deepest need, it is imperative that you get justice, accountability, and the maximum amount of financial compensation owed to you under the law. At Barnes Law, our Knoxville attorneys have the skills and experience to handle all types of personal injury cases. We will review your case, answer your rights, and help you get financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Among other types of cases, our Tennessee personal injury lawyers have experience with: 


The aftermath of a major accident is stressful and overwhelming. You need to be able to focus on your health and your family—not dealing with a pushy insurance company representative who has ulterior motives. Victims rely on Barnes Law for support and guidance through the personal injury claims process. We handle all correspondence with defendants and their insurance companies.  

You Deserve a Personalized Legal Representation

It is crucial that you work with an attorney who can build the appropriate defense (or offense) for your case. All criminal charges require a fully personalized legal defense. No two criminal cases are exactly alike. In some cases, the proper defense strategy is to fight back aggressively against false charges. The burden of proof is on the state. Prosecutors must be able to present evidence proving all charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Likewise, every accident involves its own unique set of facts and circumstances. To bring a successful personal injury claim, you need strong and well-supported evidence that establishes both the defendant’s liability and the complete extent of your damages. And in a personal injury lawsuit, unlike a criminal case, the burden is on you to prove your case by a preponderance of the evidence.

Why Choose The Barnes Law Firm

John Barnes treats every case as if it is the most important case that he will take on in his entire career. We know that, for our clients, their case is truly the most important. For most people, an arrest or a serious accident represents one of the most challenging and stressful experiences that they will ever have to deal with. During the most difficult times, it is imperative that everything is done the right way. Our attorneys will leave no stone unturned and no avenue unexplored. 

If you were arrested, you need access to a five-star criminal defense lawyer. Some attorneys dabble in criminal law — taking on a few criminal cases every year. At Barnes Law, criminal defense work is one of our primary focuses: John Barnes and our team of attorneys and staff, spend every day working on criminal cases.

If you or your loved one was injured in an accident in Knoxville, you need a strong, aggressive legal advocate who will hold the big insurance companies accountable. The unfortunate reality is that insurers are focused on protecting their bottom line. They want to pay out the smallest amount of financial compensation possible—potentially even denying your claim altogether. At Barnes Law, our trial-tested legal team is ready to take your case as far as necessary to maximize your damages.


As a two-time graduate of the University of Tennessee, Mr. Barnes has deep roots in Knoxville and he has extensive experience defending a wide range of criminal cases and personal injury claims in counties throughout East Tennessee. Our law firm also takes on fewer cases than many other firms. This gives us more time to focus our attention on each client. 

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients and their families. From the moment you reach out to our law firm, you can be confident our legal team will put in the time and energy needed to understand your situation, investigate your case, and build the strongest possible legal claim. With so much at stake, you deserve the highest level of client service and professional representation. 


please do not hesitate to contact our legal team at (865) 805-5703.

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